Adheren is a biotechnology company focusing on cancer immunotherapy. We have developed our core technology platform, antibody cell conjugation (ACC™), to attach antibodies directly to immune cells, such as T cells. Using this methodology, we have developed an anti-cancer T cell therapy, called ACE-T (Antibody Conjugated Effector T cells). ACE-T has been validated both in vitro and in vivo, presenting promising treatment possibilities in a variety of cancer types. We are currently validating ACE-T technology in human clinical trials. Relative to other cell-based immunotherapy approaches, ACE-T technology requires no genetic engineering of T cells and has a substantially improved dose-titration capability. ACE-T approach is readily compatible with any developed and future antibodies.


  • Adheren's experiment
  • “Point of Care” T cell therapy

    Adheren’s ACC™ process requires only one hour from start to finish. The process of T cell isolation, modification, and infusion can be done using a single machine, thus eliminating the need of T cell engineering and expansion. ACC is highly beneficial to patients by significantly reducing the time and cost of T cell therapy.

  • Compatible with existing antibodies

    The Antibody Cell Conjugation (ACC™) platform is readily available today for application to existing antibodies, transforming antibody therapy to T cell immunotherapy, and significantly reducing research and development time and cost.

  • No genetic engineering of T cells

    ACE-T does not require genetic engineering of T cells and viral transduction, greatly increasing the safety profile of the technology, and decreasing the manufacturing time and cost. Thus, delivering a rapid and safe treatment option for cancer patients.

Adheren's experiment