Adheren, Inc. is a biotechnology company focusing on cancer immunotherapy. We have developed our core technology platform, antibody cell conjugation (ACC™), to attach antibodies directly to immune cells, such as T cells. Using this methodology, we have initiated an anti-cancer T cell therapy approach, called T-PICK (T cell proximity induced cell killing). T-PICK has been validated both in vitro and in vivo, providing compelling new avenues for the treatment of a variety of cancer types. We are currently validating the use of T-PICK technology in human clinical trials. Relative to other cell-based immunotherapy approaches, T-PICK technology requires no genetic engineering of the T cells and has a substantially improved dose-titration capability. In addition, the T-PICK approach is readily compatible with any antibody under development.


  • Adheren's experiment
  • “Point of Care” T cell therapy

    Adheren’s ACC process only takes one hour. The process of T cell isolation, modification, and infusion can be done in a single machine in the hospitals without days of T cell engineering and expansion. This technology benefits patients significantly by reducing the time and cost of T cell therapy.

  • Compatible with existing antibodies

    The technology is ready today for application to any existing antibodies, which significantly shortens the R&D time and cost. The Antibody-Cell Conjugation (ACC) platform can transform an existing antibody therapy directly into a T cell immunotherapy.

  • No genetic engineering of T cells

    T-PICK greatly increases T-cell therapy’s safety profile, and eliminates the safety concern of genetically engineered T cells. In addition, T- PICK greatly reduces the R&D and manufacture cost compared to genetically engineered T cells, and has no viral transduction processes.

Adheren's experiment